How can 149Photos help you sell to out-of-state buyers?

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How can 149Photos help you sell to out-of-state buyers?

In today’s new home market, many buyers are building in states they aren’t located in. Typically, these homebuyers are buying a new home for their family to change states due to work, to be closer to family, or to live a different lifestyle than they currently do. Other times, these buyers are investors who are building new homes in communities they believe will be prime markets in the future. No matter the type of buyer, 149Photos helps you sell more homes faster than before, including to new customers that may have previously overlooked your company.


So, how can we help you sell to out-of-state buyers? Well, imagine you just got a big promotion at work. You’re excited because the pay is higher. The title is bigger. You’ll even get to oversee your own team! The only catch….it requires you to move to another state.


So, how would you go about building a new home when you are thousands of miles away? If your builder uses 149Photos, you will be able to track the progress of your home with weekly construction progress photos. You’ll be able to view your new home from foundation-to-finish using your computer, your tablet, or even your phone from anywhere. You can even share these photos with friends and family on social media or email. The best part, as the homebuyer, this incredible feature costs you nothing while giving you incredible peace of mind.


As a builder, you can easily promote this incredible platform to potential buyers and help drive new sales to local buyers and out-of-state buyers alike. The cost is minimal, but the reward is huge. 149Photos is a completely turnkey solution, handling everything. Our team takes the weekly foundation-to-finish progress photos, uploads them to our software platform, and your new home buyers are engaged at a level that you can’t achieve through any other solution. Your customers will share the excitement of their new home with their friends and family, providing tremendous visibility and referral marketing for you.


Although 149Photos is an incredible software platform, we’re more than just a technology company. We become part of your sales and marketing team. Promote the fact that customers can now remotely monitor the construction progress of their new home. This remote monitoring helps to improve quality, reduce mistakes, and increase profits. Use this amazing benefit to stand apart from your competition when you advertise to buyers located across the country. Bring the buyer to you by offering them more than other builders. 149Photos helps you do that.


Our software allows homebuyers and investors to virtually walk the job site remotely, no matter where they are in the world. You could have investors purchasing new homes in one of your communities from another country yet feel like they are right there on the job site with your crew. Homebuyers can see their home progressing weekly, saving your sales team phone calls from your customers simply asking for status updates or even for the salesperson to “go take some photos” for them with their cellphones. We only use professional photographers, ensuring that your customers only see the best photos of their home’s progress.


By being able to see progress on a weekly basis, homebuyers can indicate when something isn’t what was planned, helping reduce mistakes and saving you valuable time and money by correcting the issue well before the home is complete. As a bonus, these photos serve as record of your crews’ work throughout the building process aiding in any future issues or complaints.


Homebuyers love the 149Photos platform because they don’t have to travel to see their new home on a regular basis to check-in on the progress. They don’t even have to travel at all if they don’t want to or are unable to. Buyers can save on gas, plane tickets, train tickets, or whatever method they choose to travel. Sell this bonus to your customers. Trust us, they’ll appreciate it, and you’ll look even better in their eyes. By bringing the project to the people, everyone saves money, and everyone becomes a part of the construction progress on a regular basis.


Give us a call today to increase your new home sales, especially to out-of-state buyers. We’ve taken over 8.6 million photos of over 60,000 homes. We are the leaders in new home customer experience for a reason. With 149Photos, you’ll create RAVING FANS that are deeply engaged with your brand and share their experience. You’ll also boost your income and profits. Everyone wins with 149Photos.


Article by David Glaeser